We all know that Grannies know best, so here are some tips and advice from Granny McKelvie to help you get the most from her fantastic range…

Scented Tin Candle Tips


Although all McKelvie candles are made from the same top quality ingredients, they contain different fragrances which burn differently… a bit like children really, they all behave differently. For example the “spicy” one like Cotters Ingle is a bit like a teenager, can be temperamental and may need extra care – generally spice needs more heat.
The well behaved ones – the majority – burn beautifully every time.

“The key to enjoying the fine fragrance in a McKelvie Candle lies not only in how it’s made, But also in how it’s burned…”

When burning a McKelvie Candle for the first time, it is suggested that you burn it until a pool of wax extends close to the edges of the container, this is known as the melt pool. Some fragrances burn close to the edge in 3 – 4 hours, others can take around 8 hours and some may leave a few millimetres round the edge, which will usually melt and run into the ‘pool’ as the candle burns down.

If you only burn your candles for very short periods at a time you are more likely to get a tunnelling problem which can eventually lead to ‘drowning the wick’ and some wastage

In independent consumer tests, correctly burned candles have achieved over 60 hours of use!

Marvellous Wax melt tips


Made to Grandad’s exacting standards using only the finest quality fragrances and the purest wax, the secret to getting the best from these highly fragranced wax melts is to melt them slowly with minimal heat.

Independent tests in a very low heat electric warmer delivered over 40 hours of fragrance from each cube! A tea light warmer gets much hotter, the closer the heat is to the bowl, the hotter the bowl will become and the faster the fragrance will evaporate.

Very tall tea light wax warmers are recommended, or better still, use one of our fantastic range of electric warmers to get the best results from every Grandad McKelvie’s Marvellous Wax Melt.

Premium Reed Diffuser Tips


The McKelvie Premium Reed Diffuser collection recreates those timeless perfumes to fill your home with the pleasure and comfort that fragrance brings…

For the best results from a McKelvie premium reed diffuser, fill the cube vase with your McKelvie fragrant oil mixture and immerse the ends of all the rattan reeds oil. This allows the capillary action to begin drawing the fluid through the reeds. After around 30 minutes, remove the reeds from the vase, turn them upside down and re-immerse the dry end into the oil. Spread the reeds evenly and leave them to diffuse the glorious McKelvie fragrance for weeks to come. To increase the intensity of the fragrance, occasionally remove the reeds and re-immerse them upside down in the vase.

Fragrant Room Mist tips


McKelvie Fragrant Room Mists are perfect if you want a burst of long lasting fresh fragrance in any room, your office or even your car with a fantastic range of scents to compliment those luxurious aromas you will also find in the Premium Reed Diffuser collection.

For best results simply spray the room mist upwards in your room, and let the long lasting perfume do the work. You only need a couple of sprays from the pump action bottle for a large room, so go sparingly and enjoy the fragrance of your choice for even longer…

See, Grannies really do know best!


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