Heathergems Best Seller!

We get asked all sorts of questions about our beautiful range of Heathergems Jewellery. One question we get asked often is “what is the best seller?”

The Classic Love Heart…

A few days ago, Stuart (the boss) was doing a wee bit of research into the wonderful Heathergems jewellery we feature on our website and discovered unsurprisingly that the good old classic love heart is THE top selling item of Heathergems.

Top Seller For 10 Years!

The unique Heathergems Love Heart Pendant has been THE top selling item in the range since being featured on TV in the USA over 10 years ago! It’s easy to see why so many people have fallen for the natural beauty in this stunning piece for so many years.

Natural, Beautiful & Scottish…

As with all Heathergems jewellery the classic Love Heart Pendant is made from all natural Scottish Heather. The Love Heart Pendant is available in a few different sizes and dangles beautifully on a simple and delicate Sterling Silver chain, making sure to make the stunning pendant the centre of attention.

The perfect gift…

Every single piece of Heathergems jewellery is unique because they are all made from natural heather by hand meaning no two pieces are ever the same. So if you’re looking for a special gift different from all the rest, this beautiful pendant along with the full Heathergems range is perfect…

So, why not click the button below and have a wee look at the beautiful Heathergems range… We warn you though, it might be difficult not to want them all!