Eriskay Love Scented Candle Tin


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Soft warm romantic island florals with delicate citrus notes

“Thou art music of my heart,
Harp of joy oh cush mo cree;
Moon of guidance by night,
Strength and light thou ‘rt to me.”

The soft warm romantic tones of the Islands are captured in this beautiful Eriskay Love McKelvie Scented Candle to match a beautiful song.

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From the Highlands to the Lowlands, the “Flowers Of Scotland” range perfectly reflects the heather, lavender, rose and other flowers found in abundance throughout Scotland. These beautiful fragrances are as magical as the Scottish climate… let’s face it, you don’t get all 4 seasons in a single day anywhere else!

Although not the largest tinned candle, McKelvie tins give you market leading burn times of around 50 hours each, although in independent consumer tests correctly burned candles have achieved over 60 hours of use! So they help to enhance the ambience of candlelight longer than others by around 20 hours extra.
Although small in size, they are most definitely BIG in fragrance. McKelvie tins are also designed with a small indent on the top of the lid to allow you to sit the tin on top… just to make double sure your surfaces are protected.

  • Finished with beautiful glass chips to create a unique and stunning finish
  • Specially designed tartan labels, designed in house at McKelvie
  • Around 50 hour burn time per tin
  • Size approx 8cm x 6.5cm
  • Approx weight 280g
  • Lid acts as a coaster stand to help protect surfaces from heat
  • Follow supplied care instructions to maximise your fragrant enjoyment

When Granny McKelvie was married in Linlithgow in 1888 candles were still the main form of lighting in most of the miner’s homes of her community. Street traders called with tallow and other ingredients to sell to those busy wives who made most things for the home, including the necessary candles. By the time her daughter Agnes married in Fife in 1920, oil lamps had taken over as the lighting source saving much labour for the McKelvie household. Agnes and her husband went one better with modern gas mantles in their new council house on Methil Brae. Paraffin oil, tallow, carbide for the miner’s lamps, all were sold by street traders like Peter Dickson – better known as “Tally carbide” reflecting his trading cry – right up until the second world war. With the spread of electric power the candle was no longer the prominent way to light our homes. Although the candle market contracted it did not die as there was still a demand for candles for churches, romantic dinners, home decor, celebrations, relaxation, and sheer enjoyment.
Candles have come a long way since Granny McKelvie’s day. Although no longer a main source of light, they continue to grow in popularity and use. In 1990 one of her grandsons was behind the development of what has become “McKelvie Candles” – created by hand using the finest ingredients to give a fragrance, long life and quality she would have loved.
Whether you want to create an atmosphere in your home that’s welcoming and sociable, calm and soothing… or maybe evoke nostalgic memories, there’s a McKelvie Candle that will fill your home with long lasting fragrant enjoyment.

7 reviews for Eriskay Love Scented Candle Tin

  1. amybeth.clay

    Love love love this scent and for the price it’s great by far my favrioute , we have the candle, melts, diffuser and room spray just smells fabulous in every room

  2. Kirstie

    Was in the shop today for a wee browse and left with this lovely candle the scent is amazing, without being overpowering, it practically fills the whole house this is definately my new favourite!

  3. fiona.loven

    Got a wax melt as a surprise gift along with my other order. Love this scent and it lasts for ages. Lovely to receive a surprise along with your order.

  4. Jessica (verified owner)

    Another gorgeous candle!
    This smell is lovely, strong enough to fill the room but not overpowering. It’s quite a sweet summery smell.
    Would definitely recommend, these candles just seem to last forever!
    Way better than Yankee in my opinion!

  5. Nikki

    The loveliest smell. Not overpowering. Fresh yet calming. Will be buying more for Christmas gifts.

  6. kirstyc24

    This candle is amazing – smells like a luxury brand x

  7. k4ty7

    This is so fresh and subtly fills the whole house perfectly. This is a must have, I always make sure I have one of these in my stock. Highly recommend

    • A Scents Of Scotland

      Thanks for the great review! Hope to see you ordering again soon!
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