Every single home fragrance product from The McKelvie Candle Company is hand crafted on their site by their small specialised team…
And when we say hand, crafted that’s literally what we mean! Other than the vat they use to melt the wax and the label printing machine, everything else is hand done…

We share their belief that this is the best way to make any luxury scented item, and helps to ensure you get the best quality product at the end of the manufacturing process with that added personal touch you get from The McKelvie Candle Company.

All the decorations, label designs, wax colours are all carefully chosen to give you the best fragrant experience possible.

Whether you want to create an atmosphere in your home that’s welcoming and sociable, calm and soothing… or maybe evoke nostalgic memories, there’s a fragrance that will fill your home with the long lasting fragrant enjoyment that you can only get from The McKelvie Candle Company.