Lucky Tatties Reed Diffuser


Sweet & fruity with warm cinnamon spice… An old favourite

Lucky Tatties were a prized sweet for us kids back in the 60’s. They were quite a size, solid white fondant, sometimes with an orangey flavour and covered in cinnamon powder.

At threepence each you could be faced with a bit of a dilemma! Do you buy 3 items from the penny tray or 1 Lucky Tattie? What swayed the occasional Lucky Tattie purchase was that they had wee charms inside, usually a plastic animal or something like that.

You wouldn’t get away with that these days with the “ ‘elf and safety police” reminding us of the “risk of choking”!

This great smelling cinnamon and orange Lucky Tatties McKelvie Reed Diffuser is a welcome reminder of that old sweet – and still with much charm.

Containing exclusive perfumes made from the finest essential oils McKelvie premium reed diffusers will visually and aromatically give your room a unique and subtle elegance, recreating those timeless perfumes to fill your home with the pleasure and comfort that only fragrance brings.

  • Mckelvie Premium Reed diffusers provide 8-10 weeks of fine fragrance depending on temperature and location and provide a perfect background scent for your home
  • We recommend turning the reeds every week to refresh the fragrance
  • Glass cube size approx 6.5cm x 6.5cm x 8cm
  • Approx weight 620g
  • Be sure to recycle the empty cube vase by using our fantastic value premium reed diffuser refills

Each McKelvie Premium Reed Diffuser box contains each of the following…

  • 100ml bottle of the finest McKelvie diffuser oil
  • 1 packet of 10 natural rattan reeds (30cm)
  • 1 glass cube vase with elegant chrome collar
  • Care instructions on box to maximise your fragrant enjoyment

To get the best from your McKelvie Premium Reed Diffuser, place the cube vase onto a secure flat surface and carefully pour the fragrant oil into the vase (The chrome collar can be unscrewed and removed to make this easier). Arrange the supplied rattan reeds into the cube vase of oil and let them absorb the oil for 30 – 45 minutes before removing the reeds, turning them upside down and re-immersing the dry end into the oil spacing them evenly, then sit back and enjoy the fine fragrance…


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